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Neca Retro Cloth - Les Goonies pack 2 figurines - Cinoque & Choco - Sloth & Chunk

Neca Neca



Excellent double pack Neca de figurines retro cloth Goonies comprenant Cinoque et son meilleur ami Choco, en bonus on trouvera dans le blister la fameuse statue..."incomplete".

Sortie prevue en octobre 2019

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Figurines articulées taille env. 13-20 cm avec accessoires et vêtements en tissu détaillés, en emballage boîte-fenêtre.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association or NECA is an American manufacturer of collectibles typically licensed from films, sports, music, and television based in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1996 and has over 60 licenses for which it produces products.

In 2002, NECA's Reel Toys was formed as a division to produce action figures and dolls that are targeted towards action figure and toy enthusiasts. They are intended for teens and adults as collectibles for many licenses that no other company would market as a toy.

On September 14, 2009, they officially announced acquisition of WizKids, Inc assets from Topps, for the collectible miniature Clix games and Pocketmodel games


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